DJ Manager

Scott Faver - The Game MasterMany in my DJ and business network have asked how I send personalized Emails in a timely, automated fashion, that allow me to stay top of mind with my client base. The answer is DJ Manager, a powerful database.

Now you too can manage your own birthday club, send anniversary reminders, and run add campaigns. Offer personalized and timely messages, adds, and reminders to your brides, venues, vendors etc. All delivered via EMail. With no monthly fees. Also print and snail mail contracts, personalized post cards and letters.

But wait, there is more! [Wink] With DJ Manager you can also manage your complete DJ business – Schedule appointments\events, coordinate multiple DJs, offer a variety of packages, create personalized time lines, everything you need to professionally manage your DJ business.

I have personally used this software with great success for over 8 years. Solid, powerful, and stable, it originally sold for over $1,200.00 Now it is yours for only $400.00.

Click Buy Now to purchase DJ Manager: Your top of mind contact solution $400.00

With your order, a 1 hour phone consultation to help you get started, Email technical support for free, extensive detailed PDF manuals, online training videos, and monthly FREE Monday Training.

Requirements: PC based, Windows XP, Vista or 7. Not compatible with MAC. Requires WORD 2010 or earlier. Not open source.

DJ Manager Monday Training. Every first Monday of the month.  9AM-10AM MST (odd months) and 4PM-5PM MST (even months). MST: Mountain Standard Time. RSVP here.

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