DJ Manager : Your top of mind contact solution.

DJ Manager is the ultimate software designed by DJs to run, manage and automate all aspects of your DJ\Event based business.

Client \ Vendor lists, Event Calendar, Appointments, Follow Up Reminders, Music Lists, Print, EMail and Text Campaigns, and more.

DJ Manager FREE Monday Training\Marketing Webinar on the first Monday of each month.

FREE DJ Manager Training Videos on YouTube.

Call for details. 623.738.6526

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Scott Faver - DJ Manager

DJ Manager

Many in my DJ and business network have asked how I send personalized Emails in a timely, automated fashion, that allows me to stay top of mind with my client base. The answer is DJ Manager, a powerful database.

Training Videos

DJ Manager How does Scott do it?
DJ Manager Calendar Training Videos 3 Words with Derek Natzke DJ Training Video DJ Manager Installation Consultation, Larry Kessler DJ Manager Training with Cary Kish, DOUBLE Trouble EMail DJ Manager Training, EMail Process and More.

Scott Faver - The Game Master

The Game Master

You may have heard of Tiger Woods – One of the most successful golfers of all time. The highest-paid professional athlete of 2008. Winner of 14 major golf championships. And estimated to have earned over $100 million in winnings.